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Careers - Occupational Information

Job Outlook
Jobs in the occupational safety and health professions are expected to increase by 10 to 15 percent over the next decade. Occupational demand will be especially strong in regions such as Kern County with large goods-producing sectors such as petroleum and natural gas, renewable energy, agriculture, and construction fueled by population growth. Manufacturing, health care, national defense, and government also offer employment opportunities.

The Profession
Safety professionals are employed across a wide range of industries to prevent injuries, illnesses, and related losses. Their duties often include recognizing hazards, conducting safety inspections & audits, complying with regulations and record keeping, managing hazardous materials, performing accident and incident investigations, planning and participating in emergency responses, training employees and managing safety programs, and advising management.

Professional certification is highly valued by employers for mid-career and senior positions. The Certified Safety Credential (CSP) designation is obtainable through completion of CSUB’s Environmental Resource Management degree program, professional experience, and passage of two examinations.


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