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SHRM Case Competition


The CSUB Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Student Chapter secured 1st place in a Case Competition at the Student Summit and Case Competition at San Jose State University on November 3, 2018.  

Congratulations to CSUB's SHRM team members Branden Dunn (Team Captain), Nikki Aringer, Pamela Rivera, Samantha Gruggett, and Larissa Oleson.

“The Case Competition in San Jose was a great opportunity to gain experience that is hard to duplicate in the classroom. It made me feel more confident in my abilities to problem solve and to lead a team. The competition also was a great bonding experience for my team. We worked together and helped each other to improve on our weaknesses and capitalize on our strengths,” said Branden Dunn.


“I’m grateful for our professors and schools to put an event like this together, it allowed me to gain valuable connections in my career while getting critical experience that is hard for students to attain. Case competitions like the one in San Jose are irreplaceable to the development of students and I highly recommend for anyone to get involved in these learning opportunities,” said Larissa Oleson.


SHRM members Lisa Salinas (team captain), Alma Ramirez, Celina Franco, Samantha Carr, and Kaitlyn Johns placed 12th out of 30 at the National SHRM Case Competition in Salt Lake City, Utah on April 29th and 30th. The competition requires integrated HR thinking, ethical decision-making, and strong communication and presentation skills. Teams applied their knowledge acquired through their studies and applied it to a realistic HR situation likely to be encountered in the work world.


The SHRM Case Competition consists of a one day event where teams of up to six undergraduate or graduate students from various colleges and universities compete in both oral and written presentations. The case is created specifically for the SHRM Case Competition and can focus on any number of HR issues (i.e., Management Practices; Selection & Recruitment; Training & Development; Compensation & Benefits; Employee/Labor Relations; and Health, Safety & Security or a combination). The teams have four hours to read, evaluate, and draft both the oral and written presentations. After the four hour preparation period, the teams provide their written presentation to one set of judges for review and present their oral presentation to another set of judges. The judges receive the scoring criteria which they use to evaluate both the written and oral presentations. The teams have 15 minutes to present their oral presentation. Due to the large size of the competitions, there may be two separate judging rooms - in this situation, the highest ranking team from each room will move on to present their oral presentation to a combined set of three judges in front of an audience. The highest ranking team from this evaluation will be the winner.

There are many benefits to the SHRM Case Competition. The SHRM Case Competition is an event that offers the opportunity to bring professional HR professionals, students and student chapter advisors together in a meaningful way. The effort it takes to plan and conduct the SHRM Case Competition is worthwhile and beneficial to the professional members as well as the students. The professionals judging the cases get a fresh look at the knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm of the HR students that are getting ready to graduate. The students receive an opportunity to network with other students and showcase their knowledge to HR practitioners.

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