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Learning Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Communication Skills

  • Objective 1.a - Oral Communication: Students have the ability to present idea, theories and research orally.
  • Objective 1.b - Written Communication: Students can produce focused, coherent and grammatically correct written communications as well as electronic display to agribusiness managers.

Goal 2: Critical Thinking Skills

  • Objective 2.a - Quantitative Skills: Students can design a quantitative approach to solving an agriculture industry problem.
  • Objective 2.b - Analytical Skills: Students have the ability to analyze agribusiness data and evaluate results.
  • Objective 2.c - Ethical Reasoning: Students will be able to apply arrange of ethical perspectives to dilemmas in the agriculture and food industry.

Goal 3: Knowledge of regional agriculture and food industry

  • Objective 3.a - Regional and Global Agriculture: Students demonstrate a practical understanding og regional and global production and business operations in agribusiness using basic economic principles.
  • Objective 3.b - Experimental Learning: Students complete an experimental learning internship within an agribusiness organization, to apply theory to practice.
  • Objective 3.c - Careers: Students identify career paths available in the agriculture and food industries.

Goal 4: Application Skills

  • Objective 4.a - Decision Making: Students apply economic concepts and theory to decision making in agribusiness.
  • Objective 4.b - Industry: Students are able to critically assess contemporary agriculture issues and trends.

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