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Economics Program Learning Goals and Objectives

Objective 1, Communication Skills:

The student will communicate effectively by: (1) having a clear purpose and focusing on the intended audience; (2) reasoning in a logical and organized fashion; (3) applying theories correctly and presenting supporting and compelling evidence; (4) having discourse-appropriate syntax that is free from grammatical errors and distracting mannerisms; and (5) having a professional demeanor and producing polished documents and supporting materials. Priority areas: written and oral presentation.


Objective 2, Quantitative Reasoning

The student will demonstrate proficiency in quantitative reasoning by: (1) making accurate calculations; (2) effectively summarizing data and depicting it in charts and graphs; (3) designing quantitative approaches to real-world problem solving; and (4) critically interpreting quantitative results and findings. Priority areas: spreadsheet skills, statistical/econometric estimation and hypothesis testing, finite math, and derivatives.


Objective 3, Disciplinary Knowledge

The student will demonstrate: (1) a working knowledge of economic concepts and theories and (2) an ability to use economics to explain and predict cause-effect relationships. Priority areas: microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics, statistics and econometrics.


Objective 4, Authentic Application of the Major:

The student will apply the major in authentic contexts, including competency in locating pertinent data and information. Priority areas: (1) analysis of the external economic environments of organizations (the macro economy, markets, regions, countries); (2) operations and decision support in organizational settings; and (3) policy analysis.

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