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Department of Public Policy and Administration

MPA Assessment Plan, 2016-2017 

LEARNING OUTCOME: Management and Leadership

Management and Leadership (Program Level)

Instrument: Random sample of two-page management and applied analysis papers from PPA 5000 and PPA 6520.                                                                           

Rubric: Effectiveness of management application rubric.                                          

Target: Successful application should improve significantly between PPA 5000 and PPA 6520.  Absolute standard: 80% of MPA students should score at least 82%.  Scores should increase significantly between PPA 5000 and PPA 6520.

Implementation plan: Fall 2016 for PPA 5000; Spring 2017 for PPA 6520.  Analysis to be done in June 2017.

Evaluation: All faculty in June 2017.

LEARNING OUTCOME: Public Service Perspective

Instrument: Perry Public Service Motivation Survey (12-item scale evaluated by Coursey, Perry, Brudney, and Littlepage).

Rubric: Scores on survey instrument.

Standards:  Student public service motivation should increase significantly over the course the MPA program.

Implementation: Fall 2016, Spring 2017 in PPA 5000 and PPA 6980.

Evaluation:  All faculty.  This will take place in a meeting in June 2017.

LEARNING OUTCOME: Policy Process Engagement

Instrument: Program evaluation final report in PPA 5020.

Rubric: Program evaluation report rubric

Standard: At least 90% of MPA students should receive an acceptable grade (at least a B) on the final project project, an acceptable rating from program evaluation sponsors, and an acceptable teamwork rating by their fellow students.

Implementation plan: Fall 2016, Spring 2017

Implementing faculty: PPA 5020. Evaluation by all faculty in June 2017.


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