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The CSUB MBA Advantage

Our Mission and Goals

Program Description

The Master of Business Administration degree offers the critical preparation needed by working professionals for challenging careers in business. Competing in the complex, rapidly changing environment of business and public sectors requires having the knowledge, skills, and values that the MBA degree provides. The CSUB MBA program is continuously assessing and evaluating itself to provide advanced business knowledge to prepare professionals for the changing global market place. Individuals from all areas of study and industries are welcome to apply.


The mission of the MBA program is to provide our region with an advanced business education which will foster a commitment to lifelong learning and facilitate the career growth of our graduates.


The faculty and the students of the CSUB MBA program will work together to create an environment that is supportive of the highest standards of ethical behavior.

Professional and Academic Standards

The MBA program acknowledges the significant impact of business on society. Consequently, those admitted to the program, retained, and awarded degrees; must demonstrate academic and professional integrity in all activities.  In addition, all established university academic performance and student conduct standards for graduate students apply. Any student or applicant that is found by formal review to be lacking in academic integrity or in professional ethical standards of behavior may be denied admission, placed on probation, suspended, or dismissed from the program. Such actions are subject to university review and appeal.

Program Goals

Goal 1: The MBA graduate will demonstrate advanced knowledge of all the functional areas of business and the external business environment.
Goal 2: The MBA graduate will demonstrate professional presentation and communication skills.
Goal 3: The MBA graduate will demonstrate complex problem solving skills. 

Goal 4: The MBA graduate will demonstrate the skills necessary to perform as an organizational leader (i.e., leadership, interpersonal, and team skills). 
Goal 5: The MBA graduate will have explored personal and professional ethical frameworks. 


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