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Registration Dates

Business Administration Majors and Minors: Make sure all holds are cleared and you have a valid enrollment date before you register for the next term. 

Effective February 4, 2020:

If you are requesting to add/drop/swap a course or multiple courses, you must follow the procedure outlined below. Any questions can be addressed directly with the Office of the Registrar at

1. Students need to initiate the request by emailing their respective instructor(s), requesting to add/drop/swap the course.  In the email the student should include the following:

  • Their full name
  • Student ID
  • Major
  • Course that they are requesting to be added/dropped/swapped (Ex:  CSUB 1029)
  • CRN if available (Ex:  33235)
  • A brief explanation of why they wish to add/drop/swap the course(s)
  • Any documentation supporting the students request should be attached to the email

2. The instructor will review the request, and reply to the student with their email approval/denial to add/drop/swap the course

  • If the student is adding/dropping/swapping multiple classes, they must get the approval of each instructor.  Do not forward to the Department Chair until all approvals are received.   You can print the approvals, take a picture of them and attach it, or you can attach the emails directly by clicking on (when in Outlook) “Insert”, “Outlook Item” and then select the emails you want to send to the Dept Chair. 

3. The student will then forward the request via email to the Department Chair of their major.  The Department Chair should reply with their written approval/denial.  

4. The student should then forward all emails and documentations to the Office of the Registrar at so that the request can be processed.  Our office will get the approval of Student Financial Services and the AVP of Enrollment Management, if required

5. Students can review their schedule in their myCSUB account to confirm that the course has been added/dropped/swapped. Any  questions can be addressed the Office of the Registrar at



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