Student Professional Development Certificate

Learn how to improve your chances for getting a job in your chosen field when you graduate!  The Student Professional Development Certificate was developed to offer BPA students opportunities to improve their transition from university student to employed alumnus.  Students in the Certificate program enroll in courses that include assignments designed to ensure students are ready to be on the job market and start a successful career upon graduation.  Students must be enrolled as a BPA major in order to be considered for this program.

What Will Students Gain from the Certificate?

The Student Professional Development Certificate is an opportunity for students to focus on career preparation and on the development of abilities that enhance their self-knowledge, personal effectiveness, interpersonal skills, relationship management, and workplace etiquette.  In the process, students will learn how or be able to:

  • identify their strengths,
  • create an effective resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile
  • connect with community organizations and leaders to create a network,
  • interact with others on a professional level,
  • receive advice from a professional mentor,
  • job shadow a local professional,
  • experience a mock interview, and
  • successfully work as part of a team. 

Students can learn about each of these in a setting that allows for feedback, growth, and the creation of a plan for how to launch their careers.  During the program, students will be able to create a portfolio of all documents created in the Certificate courses and have them ready to use when it is time to start applying for jobs.  Students who successfully complete the Certificate will be able to note this on their resume, indicating to potential employers that they have the capacity to enter into a job with a more advanced understanding for how to best contribute to an organization’s success. 

Admission Requirements

Admission for the Student Professional Development Certificate is offered each semester in March and in September.  Requirements for admission include:

  • Declared major in the School of Business and Public Administration
  • Completion of (or currently enrolled in) BA 2900, Econ 2900, or ERM 2900
  • Completion of at least 24 semester units
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 2.75
  • Completed application form
  • Statement of interest

Required Courses

The Certificate can be completed in three semesters, and courses have been carefully selected or designed to ensure that their assignments will most effectively prepare students for the job market.  Most of these are pre-existing BPA courses that have been modified to include assignments or projects that meet the Certificate’s goals.  Three courses, however, have been designed specifically for the Certificate, and focus on assignments that allow students to complete their CSUB education with a clear plan for how to initiate their careers and successfully engage in professional opportunities.  Students in the Certificate program must complete relevant assignments in:

  • BA 3008 or Econ 3008:  Junior Year Diversity Requirement
  • Econ 4510:  Managerial Economics
  • BA 3710:  Professional Development Skills I (1 unit)
  • BA 4720:  Professional Development Skills II (1 unit)
  • BA 4730:  Professional Development Skills III (1 unit)
  • BA 4908, Econ 4908, ERM 4908, or PPA 4908:  Capstone Requirement

Program Requirement

Students who are admitted to the Student Professional Development Certificate must complete all Bachelor’s degree requirements for a BPA major with a CSUB GPA of at least 2.75, in order to graduate with the Certificate in place.

How to Apply

The deadline for admission to the Student Professional Development Certificate Program for Fall 2019 is April 12, 2019.  To apply, submit the SPD Certificate application form, which includes a 300-500 word Statement of Interest, by the deadline.


Contact Dr. Norma Rodriguez, Internship and Career Development Coordinator, at or 661-654-3173 with any questions.

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